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LillyDirect™ helps bring the components of healthcare together

We can help you find a doctor, navigate the healthcare system, potentially lower your costs, and get medications delivered directly to you.

Select a condition:

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Need focused support? Enroll in an independent telehealth program based on your condition.

Doctor speaking with a patient via telehealth
  • Convenient - Get answers, test results, care plans, and prescriptions. All without waiting rooms or traffic.*
  • Knowledgeable - Talk to independent healthcare professionals who may understand your condition.
  • Supportive - Gain additional resources, such as nutritional guidance, tips for success, and helpful communities.

* Access to telehealth services varies by state and condition.

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Prefer local care? Find it here.

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You can choose a doctor who is right for you with Healthgrades, an independent physician search tool.

Get select Lilly medicines delivered directly to you, if prescribed

Avoid possible traffic and long lines at a traditional pharmacy. LillyDirect can ship select Lilly medications to you, if prescribed.

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We currently offer select Lilly diabetes, migraine, and obesity medicines.

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Find out if you could save on care and medication

Savings may vary based on your unique situation, including insurance coverage.

Your healthcare plan provider (private or government-sponsored insurance) may cover more than you think. Call your plan provider to find out how much you would pay for:

  • Condition-focused care
  • Telehealth or in-person doctor visits
  • Select Lilly medications

If you don’t have enough prescription coverage to afford your medication, there are still options to explore.

Check other pharmacies. The price of your medication can change based on pharmacy and coverage.

Discover prescription savings programs. Lilly has savings programs that can lower or eliminate the cost of certain Lilly medications for eligible people.

Health plans often require patients to get approval before they cover certain medications. This approval is called “prior authorization.”

Many telehealth providers and in-person doctors can help you coordinate the prior authorization process. Ask your care provider about prior authorization support.

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Smiling woman looking away

If you’ve been prescribed a Lilly medicine, there may be savings programs available for you. Learn more about our current savings programs and see if you qualify.

Explore savings by condition

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