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LillyDirect offers users content, tools, and services to help navigate the complex healthcare landscape. We hope to make the journey toward care friction-free through capabilities like independent telehealth services and in-person care, as well as pharmacy services for convenient prescription delivery. Below are some ways we can partner to help your patients.

Independent In-Person Care

The independent Healthgrades professional finder tool helps patients find nearby care for obesity, diabetes, or migraine, along with options such as virtual and in-office visits.

Healthgrades features doctor profiles which can be filtered by insurance coverage, qualifications, specialties, experience, and more.

Independent Telehealth

These resources are for patients looking for condition-specific care to compliment services they currently receive from their care team. For answers to questions about the independent telehealth options, visit our FAQ page or contact them directly.

Pharmacy Services

LillyDirect works with a network of licensed pharmacy providers for a streamlined experience.

Potential benefits to patients include: convenient home delivery, savings support, coordination of prior authorizations, and consistent access to select Lilly medications, if prescribed.
Search your EHR for LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions with NCPDP ID 2648698.

Visit our FAQs below to see all of your search options.

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Frequently asked questions by healthcare professionals like you

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How can my patient benefit from LillyDirect?
Patients who use LillyDirect prescriptions receive convenient delivery of their Lilly prescriptions by licensed third-party pharmacy service providers. Any manufacturer savings available are automatically built-in, and prior authorizations are coordinated among provider, pharmacy, and insurer.

What if my patients elect to send an RX to LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions?
Use either the EHR or a fax to send an RX to us.

EHR: Search for LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions | NCPDPID 2648698

Fax: Send the RX to 1-866-449-8449 (please include the patient’s contact information)

What can my patient expect after I’ve submitted the RX?
After you’ve submitted the RX to us, our pharmacy vendor will communicate with your patient to confirm receipt of the prescription and provide details on the next steps.

Does LillyDirect offer premium inventory accessibility for Lilly medications?
No. Patients who request their medications through LillyDirect do not receive special treatment in terms of prescription inventory.

Is LillyDirect Pharmacy less expensive than other dispensing services?
Patients who come to LillyDirect will be able to access the same cost savings programs for select Lilly drugs as those who obtain the medicines from other sources. Shipping costs are included in the price for medicines dispensed through LillyDirect.

How are the independent telehealth providers listed as options on LillyDirect chosen?
LillyDirect lists independent telehealth providers who could complement a patient’s current primary care team or be an alternative to in-person care for certain conditions. Lilly is not receiving any compensation from these providers for referrals and they are not asked or incentivized by Lilly.

Do these independent providers coordinate with a patient’s existing care team?
The providers listed on LillyDirect exercise independent medical judgment. Please reach out to the providers directly to determine how they coordinate with a patient’s existing care team.

Is there a cost to my patient?
The cost for telehealth appointments and payment options vary by telehealth provider and insurer. We recommend visiting each provider’s website or contacting them or your insurer directly for more information.

How does the Find In-Person Care option work?
This option is a patient tool provided by independent service provider Healthgrades. Lilly is not responsible for the content or information compiled or maintained byHealthgrades. At this time, Healthgrades maintains a web page with instructions for healthcare professionals to claim a free Healthgrades profile and/or to correct information listed on a profile.

How do I get listed if I am not showing up in search results?
Healthgrades is an independent service provider for healthcare professionals that can be accessed through LillyDirect. Visit Healthgrades to claim your profile.

What drives the search results?
Specific keywords drive the search results, such as: location, specialty, etc. Be as thorough as possible as you complete your profile. Patients may search by a number of different criteria, and if you neglect to include a detail, they may not find you.

My information is incomplete. How do I update it?
Healthgrades is an independent service provider for healthcare professionals that can be accessed through LillyDirect. Visit Heathgrades to claim or edit your profile.

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