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General LillyDirect™

Visit our medicines page to see which brands are currently available and find links to relevant savings information. You must have a valid prescription to order medicines from LillyDirect.

LillyDirect is a digital healthcare experience for patients in the U.S. living with diabetes, obesity, or migraine.

People can use all, some, or none of the LillyDirect offerings for which they qualify or are eligible.

Whether select Lilly medicines are right for a patient is a decision for the patient in consultation with their healthcare professional. If a healthcare professional prescribes certain Lilly products or a patient wants more convenient options for medical care, LillyDirect can help.

The independent telehealth providers can also prescribe competitor products, or no treatment at all.

No. LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions is listed as a pharmacy option for all major electronic health records (EHR) systems. Fulfillment of Lilly medicines is not limited to providers listed as care options on our website. It is open to all providers and their patients. You are free to select other pharmacy options for fulfillment of their Lilly medicine prescriptions.

To use LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions, people will still need a prescription for their Lilly medicine from a licensed prescriber, just like a traditional pharmacy.

You can use all, some, or none of the LillyDirect offerings for which you are eligible. LillyDirect seeks to connect you to care you need and provide you with more choices.

LillyDirect seeks to provide patients with more choices in finding care that works for them. The independent telehealth service providers found on LillyDirect could complement your current primary care team or be an alternative to in-person care for certain conditions. These independent service providers are identified for listing on LillyDirect based on a variety of factors, including their robust medical practices, prioritization of patient safety, and other consumer experience offerings.

Lilly is not receiving any compensation from these 3rd-party service providers for referrals, and 3rd-party service providers are not incentivized by Lilly to promote Lilly products. The telehealth service providers that are available via LillyDirect are independent and will exercise autonomous clinical judgement in evaluating any medical conditions and resulting care decisions which may or may not include medication. Lilly evaluates potential healthcare vendors based on predefined criteria that prioritizes the quality of care, services offered, and alignment with our values. Our criteria for selecting healthcare vendors includes quality of care, service offerings, ethical, regulatory, and legal compliance, geographical accessibility, and user experience feedback.

As new telehealth vendors are selected as options for LillyDirect, we will add them to the website. Sign up for email updates about new services available through LillyDirect and please see more about LillyDirect Independent Service Providers.

To help us improve the Lilly consumer experience, Lilly may receive de-identified or aggregated data from the 3rd-party telehealth service providers represented on this site. For more information, please see our Privacy Statement, Consumer Health Privacy Notice, and Terms of Use.

The exact cost of your medication depends on many factors, including your insurance coverage, pharmacy pricing, and any savings program that may apply.

Lilly offers various savings programs for qualifying patients. Below are a few ways in which you can learn more:

The cost for telehealth appointments and payment options varies by telehealth provider. We recommend visiting each telehealth provider’s website or contacting them directly for more information.

The cost of medication is not included in the cost of the service, even when your medical insurance is covering the cost of doctor visits/consultations. Telehealth service providers listed on LillyDirect will help patients navigate the insurance approval process if a branded medication is prescribed.

Treatment decisions and prescribing practices are made based on the independent medical judgment of the telehealth provider’s care team. They may prescribe medication or another course of treatment.

This tool, provided by independent service provider Healthgrades, allows you to search for an independent healthcare professional near you, giving you in-person care options. This search tool is separate from any telehealth provider options available on LillyDirect. Treatment decisions and prescribing practices are made at the discretion of the provider’s care team. Providers located via this service may provide a range of care options, including prescribing medications. Lilly is not suggesting consumers seeking care through a provider listed on LillyDirect will be prescribed a Lilly treatment.

Thrive content is sourced from Thrive Global, the wellness company founded by Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington. Designed to help people improve health outcomes, the Thrive Well-being Library shares information about topics like sleep, food, movement, stress management, and connection.

Medicine is just one aspect of health care. To empower people to understand and take control of their care journey, LillyDirect and Thrive Global have partnered to make condition-specific, scientifically supported lifestyle education content available via LillyDirect. Thrive content is not influenced by LillyDirect and will not reference any specific Lilly medicines.

No. Lifestyle and well-being content is owned by Thrive Global and is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to serve as medical advice or to replace medical guidance provided by your doctor.

Select Thrive content is available to all visitors. To access the entire library (and future content that corresponds with certain conditions), please register for a free LillyDirect account.

Simply provide the personal information requested during sign in.


Telehealth Providers

FORM will conduct an eligibility assessment on their website. In general, FORM’s eligibility criteria include the following:
  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 30+ or 27+ with weight-related conditions.
  • You must have a primary care physician and have visited them within the last 12 months.
  • Certain medical conditions are not compatible with the FORM program. FORM will inquire about these during the enrollment process.
As an independent provider, FORM designs its own customer experience, including presenting eligibility criteria.

To learn more about FORM’s services, visit their website: If you want to reach someone on their team directly, you can:
  • Use the chat feature on their website.
  • Schedule a 15-minute consultation with a FORM Care Advisor.
If you need process or technical support, contact them directly at FORM Contact us.

9amHealth offers virtual care for people living with conditions such as diabetes and obesity. New patients start by filling out a brief medical questionnaire to check eligibility. Patients who sign up connect with a care provider for an introductory video consult. As an independent provider, 9amHealth designs its own member experience, including eligibility criteria.

In general, 9amHealth offers virtual care for people living with conditions such as diabetes and obesity. According to the American Diabetes Association, obesity is linked to type 2 diabetes in up to 53 percent of new cases annually. Some support services for these conditions, therefore, may be similar.

For general information about 9amHealth, visit their website: If you want to reach someone on their team directly, you can:

Cove is available to most people over the age of 18 in the United States who experience migraine or episodic cluster headaches. Cove is an independent telehealth provider; after completing Cove’s online intake consultation, providers will review the medical history you provide to determine if Cove is right for you. As an independent provider, Cove designs its own customer experience, including presenting eligibility criteria.

For general information about Cove, visit their website: If you want to reach someone on their team directly, you can:
  • Use the chat feature available on their website.
  • Text or call (877) 456-2683.

Pharmacy Services

LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions gives patients a simple option to get more consistent access to Lilly medicines once they have a valid prescription. By obtaining medicines from LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions, patients who qualify can easily access Lilly’s affordability solutions with automatic application of available savings cards. Our hope is that this additional channel will create a new exceptional experience for patients who prefer the convenience of home delivery along with access to both in-person and telehealth care options.

Consumers who come to LillyDirect will be able to access the same cost saving programs for select Lilly drugs as those who obtain the medicines from other sources. It does not provide additional savings options not already available to other patients. LillyDirect’s focus is on seamless access to additional resources for consumers as they navigate the complex healthcare system.

LillyDirect is a different kind of pharmacy experience. We work with licensed third-party pharmacy service providers, like EVERSANA®, Amazon Pharmacy®, and Truepill®, to give you personalized access to a streamlined pharmacy experience.

EVERSANA® is a licensed pharmacy offering LillyDirect users a range of pharmacy services like electronic benefits verification, manufacturer savings support, and prescription routing.

Amazon Pharmacy® offers medication delivery, automatic refills, and the option to separate dosages into single-use packets. Amazon Pharmacy® accepts most insurance plans and makes any manufacturer savings visible to customers. A team of pharmacists licensed in the U.S. check each order and are available to answer questions.

Truepill® is a third-party dispensing provider. They provide an array of pharmacy services like online ordering, claim adjudication, payment processing, shipping notifications, refill reminders, and prescription renewals. Truepill® owns and operates several mail order pharmacies that are licensed to ship medicines nationwide.

Our ecosystem will continue to evolve as additional service providers are added.

As part of your personalized experience, when you ask your healthcare provider to send your prescription to LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions, our third-party pharmacy provider will send you a text message or email to confirm receipt of your prescription and to provide next steps.

This could indicate there may be an issue with the mobile phone number and/or email address associated with your prescription. Please contact your healthcare provider to ensure your prescription includes the correct mobile phone number and/or email address.

As part of your personalized experience, when you ask your healthcare provider to send your prescription to LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions, Truepill® or Amazon Pharmacy will send you a text message or email to confirm your prescription is ready to fill. Please follow the prompt in the message to access or create your account. Once logged in to your account, you can check your savings, complete your payment, receive shipping notifications, and review order history.​

If your prescription goes to our third-party provider Amazon Pharmacy and you already have an account with them, you may be able to see your prescription status on their website. If not, your prescription is still processing.

If you do not yet have an account, Amazon Pharmacy will notify you to register for one.

You will also receive a notification when your medication is ready to order. After you add any insurance or copay card information, you can then check out. You should receive communications once insurance and manufacturer savings details (if applicable) have been finalized.

You will not receive a text message or email from our third-party provider Truepill® until your prescription has been fully processed, including prior authorization if required.

You can ask your healthcare provider to send a new prescription to LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions, just like you would for a traditional pharmacy. If your provider asks for more information on how to send your prescription to LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions, you can provide the below:

LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions
NPI: 1770985905
NCPDP: 2648698

17877 Chesterfield Airport Rd,
Chesterfield, MO 63005

Please make sure your healthcare provider includes your mobile phone number and/or email address when they send your new prescription through their Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

Once our third-party provider Truepill® or Amazon Pharmacy have your prescription and any insurance or copay card information on file, they will be able to calculate the out-of-pocket cost for your medications. For payment assistance information, please visit

Pharmacy prices are set solely by our third-party dispensing providers.

Yes, our third-party provider Amazon Pharmacy accepts some manufacturer coupons (when available), prescription discount cards, and copay cards.

Before you check out, make sure you’ve entered any insurance and/or copay card information in your account settings.

For more information on coupons or prescription discount cards, visit the Amazon Pharmacy Help Center.

Manufacturer coupon - When you have signed in to the Amazon Pharmacy website, you will receive an alert if a coupon is available and if you meet eligibility requirements for redemption. There’s no need to do anything extra. Typically, any available discount will automatically be applied to your order.

Prescription discount card and copay card - You must add insurance and/or copay details prior to adding medication to the cart and checking out. You can enter insurance or copay details manually within Amazon Pharmacy.

For additional help adding insurance or a copay card manually, visit the Amazon Pharmacy Help Center.

Our third-party providers Truepill® and Amazon Pharmacy accept most major insurance plans, most HSA/FSA cards, and all major credit cards. For payment assistance information, please visit

The cost of shipping on LillyDirect will vary. Any shipping costs will be presented as part of your check out process. Our third-party provider Amazon Pharmacy currently offers free shipping for members.

Log in to your Amazon Pharmacy or Truepill® account to see shipping information. You will receive an email or text when your order has shipped that includes tracking information. Delivery times are usually between 1 and 4 days. Please note: Medicines requiring refrigeration may not be shipped near national holidays and weekends.

The shipment timing will vary based on selected shipping method. The expected timing will be displayed during the checkout process and you will be kept informed of the shipment status through your preferred method of communication.

Insurance is not required. If you have been prescribed a Lilly insulin medication and are uninsured, please visit to see if you are eligible for one of Lilly's Insulin Value Programs to assist with your out-of-pocket costs.

For Healthcare Providers

If you prescribe certain Lilly medications, your patients can have them filled through LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions.

You can find LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions through your EHR software with the following information:

LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions
NCPDP ID # 2648698

If possible, please include the patient's contact information so that we can set up medication delivery.

No. To the contrary, through the find-a-doctor tool or telehealth provider options listed, we seek to offer people with diabetes, obesity, or migraine additional options for medical care they may need. That doctor-patient relationship – whether established by a connection made through a tool listed on LillyDirect or not – remains critical to the patient's care and is entirely independent of any influence by Lilly.

Healthgrades is an independent service provider for healthcare professionals that can be accessed through LillyDirect. Using the Healthgrades tool available on the LillyDirect website, providers can use the NPI lookup to verify if their Healthgrades profile is returning in the results that can be displayed to patients searching on LillyDirect. Start by locating the “Are you a healthcare professional?” banner above the search results. After locating your profile using NPI, Healthgrades offers instruction to opt-in, opt-out, or update your profile.

To remove your profile:

  1. Select a condition and select “Search for doctors” to populate the Healthgrades tool.
  2. Locate “Are you a healthcare professional?” above the list of provider results.
  3. Select “Go”. A pop up will appear to enter your NPI number. This is used to locate your Healthgrades profile. If your profile returns in the results displayed by LillyDirect, you will see instructions to opt-out.

Note: This opt-out will only remove your profile from LillyDirect search results, not from results on the Healthgrades website.

Please visit the Healthgrades Help Center for providers. Lilly is not responsible for the accuracy of Healthgrades profiles, nor can we process any requests to modify or remove profiles.