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How to Include Your Family In Your Weight Management Journey

Involving your loved ones is a way to build healthy habits together.

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Social support matters when you’re living with a chronic disease like obesity. And while your care team and community can be important allies, there’s another source of support that’s even closer at hand: your family.

Having the support of your family in managing weight may make the process more positive and less isolating. Studies about obesity and social ties have identified ways that family members can help, such as offering peer support and accountability to adopt healthy eating habits.

If you’re a parent living with obesity, it can be an opportunity to involve your children as you adopt healthy habits. Research shows the powerful role parents play in shaping their children’s lifelong eating habits and attitudes toward food. And simply eating meals together as a family may positively affect children’s health.

To get your family and children involved in supporting your weight management journey, here are three Microsteps to get you started. As always, consult with your care team for recommendations and guidelines that can be tailored for you.

Tell your loved ones about your current weight management goals.

Start by having a conversation with your family about your goals and the reasons behind them. Opening up the conversation is a way to invite them on the journey with you.  

Once a week, try one new recipe together with your family.

Cooking as a family is a great way to spend time together while learning to make new, nutritious meals. As an added benefit, research shows that families with kids who cook together may help young children adopt healthier eating habits.

Pick one day a week to eat dinner together as a family.

Eating together can be a time for the family to connect. Start by picking one day and treat it as a special occasion. You can add more from there.

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