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Navigating Migraine: Key Questions for Your Doctor

A little preparation can help you make the most of your time with your provider.

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If you’re living with migraine — or think you might be — discussing your symptoms and concerns with your healthcare provider can be the place to start. 

Whether you’re meeting with your family care doctor, a neurologist, or another provider, clear communication is important — and you can make the most of your time by being prepared. These questions can help you reflect before your appointment and share information that can help your doctor help you. 

What could be triggering my migraine attacks? Your doctor may suggest keeping a migraine diary to track your symptoms, triggers, and medications, which can help develop an effective treatment plan​​. According to one study, regularly documenting migraines using an electronic diary,such as a migraine app, may help patients to feel more in control of their health and even improve their migraine attacks over time. 

How might my family history play a role in my migraine experience?  Since genetics can be a factor in migraine, understanding your family's medical history can be important. Ask family members for details about their experiences with migraine, so you can share those with your doctor.

What daily behaviors might help reduce the frequency or severity of migraine attacks? Having an open and honest conversation about your stress levels and habits around sleep, food, and movement can give your doctor important information. If it helps, jot down notes on these habits before your appointment so you have them handy when the time comes.

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