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If You Have Diabetes, Here Are Creative Ways to Make Movement More Exciting

How to get the benefits of movement and make your routine more fun.

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Simply put, movement and exercise are good for your health. Studies show that just one workout can help you improve your mood and reduce stress, and may even improve certain brain functions such as learning and memory.

If you have diabetes, moving your body is especially important. Here are some examples of how exercise and movement can make a difference:

  • Aerobic exercise may improve insulin sensitivity, lung health, heart health and your immune system
  • Resistance training may improve insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, strength, heart health, and mental health 
  • Flexibility and balance exercises may increase joint mobility and reduce the risk of falls in older adults
  • Yoga may help control blood sugar and improve cholesterol 

Beyond exercise, there are other healthy ways to move. Taking a walk after sitting down for a meal is just one example of a way to be more active and less sedentary.

As always, consult with your care team for recommendations and guidelines that can be tailored for you.  And if you’re looking for creative ways to bring more movement to your day, here are some Microsteps to try: 

After you finish a meal, take a short walk. Taking a walk after sitting down to eat may  help prevent glucose spikes and improve insulin sensitivity. 

Make movement social. Exercising with a friend or joining a group activity can make the experience more enjoyable and help motivate you. Whether it’s a dance class, team sports, or a simple walk, doing it with others can enhance the fun factor and keep you committed to your goals​.

Make your workout a friendly competition with yourself. Adding a competitive aspect to your routine can make movement more exciting. Set a realistic goal, such as taking a slightly longer walk each day after dinner, or trying a new yoga pose. Adding little challenges to your routine can help keep you motivated. 

Choose an activity you enjoy. Build your movement routine around what you want to do, not what you think you should do. This eliminates friction and helps keep you motivated.

Make a playlist with songs you love. Make your movement routine your own by curating your personal music playlist. You can even make multiple playlists based on your mood, such as an up-tempo playlist for a post-meal walk or a relaxing playlist for yoga or stretching.

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