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With LillyDirect™ powered by Truepill®, we can save you a trip to the pharmacy.
Insurance not required.

What is LillyDirect™ powered by Truepill®?

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In just a few steps, you can start getting your Lilly medicine shipped directly to your home.
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1. Medicine Check
Ensure that LillyDirect carries your medicine
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2. Insurance (optional)
Get your insurance card, if paying with insurance. Insurance is not required to order medicines.
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3. Create an account
Complete your patient information. Check for a verification email or text.
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4. Send your prescription
Ask your doctor to send a new Lilly prescription to LillyDirect powered by Truepill, or you can transfer an existing Lilly prescription online.
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5. Order your medication
Review your order, the price, and checkout. Truepill accepts most major insurance, most HSA/FSA cards and any major credit card.
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6. Receive shipping updates
Get your medicine delivered to your home within 24-48 hours from ship date.