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Take that next step in your care journey with LillyDirect for select Lilly medicines, independent telehealth and in-person services, and online pharmacy and delivery.

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Experience the potential benefits of independent telehealth service providers

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  • Speed: Get timely answers, test results, care plans, and prescriptions.
  • Access: Gain access to knowledgeable telehealth care from around the country, not just your local area.*
  • Convenience: Choose from multiple pay options. Avoid waiting rooms, travel time and cost.
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* Access to telehealth services varies by state and condition.

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Want to find a doctor to see in-person?

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With Healthgrades, an independent, leading physician search tool, you can quickly and easily choose a doctor that’s right for you.

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Get select Lilly medicines delivered direct to you

LillyDirect™ powered by Truepill® gets select Lilly medications into your hands without you having to make the trip to the pharmacy.

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We currently offer select Lilly diabetes and migraine medicines.
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You no longer have to wait weeks or even months to get the healthcare you need

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Good News

LillyDirect is designed to offer simple, direct options for independent online and in-person care services so you can more easily start and stay on your treatment plan for the best results.

With virtual healthcare options, online pharmacy and delivery, and physician search tools, LillyDirect allows you to focus on your health. Exploring the many savings programs and payment options may also help relieve your concerns about cost or need for insurance coverage.

We’ve gathered together a selection of online healthcare service providers so you can see how quick and accessible getting the care you need can be.

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